Office 365 Personal PC, Mac, iPad, Windows tablet,Smartphone. / 1YR Online- Microsoft (ESD)

Office 365 Personal PC, Mac, iPad, Windows tablet,Smartphone. / 1YR Online- Microsoft (ESD)

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Office 365 Personal 32/64 AllLngSub PKLic 1YR Online APAC DM C2R NR- Microsoft (ESD) Electronic Software Download. 1Device/ 1Y

This entitles you to an Office 365 Personal subscription. You will be notified to renew your subscription when it is about to expire. Experience Office when and where you need it. Sign in to get your applications, documents, and settings on the devices you love. Save your documents to the cloud in OneDrive to access anywhere. Learn more about your Office 365 Personal subscription at

Office 365 Personal
Office 365 Personal is a subscription service built to help you get things done from virtually anywhere and any device.
Full Microsoft Office

Office 365 Personal enables you to install the latest full desktop version of Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook, on 1 PC or Mac, in addition to 1 Windows tablet or iPad — so you can use all the features offline as well as online. You can also install Office on multiple smartphones.
Full Microsoft Office Access across devices

Access across devices
With the extra online storage Office 365 Personal provides with OneDrive you always have your important documents and photos with you. And they're always up to date, whether you create, edit, or share them from your PC, Mac, iPad, Windows tablet, or smartphone.
Office 365 and OneDrive keep your files in sync across your devices, and with just a click you can share files, even big ones, either by sending someone a link to a file or publishing it to Facebook.

Premium subscription benefits
In addition to 1 TB of OneDrive online storage, your subscription includes other services, like 60 Skype minutes per month to call mobiles in 8 countries and landlines in 60+ countries, and tech support at no extra charge.
Office 365 services are being improved all the time and you get the latest improvements automatically with your subscription.

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