Custom Built PC

Custom Built PC

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Got all you gear, but need it built? Worldwide PC Australia have staff in-store ready to build any package you desire.

Just shop for the parts you want in your tower (CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics card, Hard drive etc etc), and select between the two price options, then add this product to your shopping cart to have your computer built!

Not only will this save you time, but this will also save you from buying a new CPU or Graphics Card if you've accidentally bent a pin or broken something whilst building it!

Basic $75 build charge

Includes labor cost to assemble CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Hard Drives, Disc Drive, Case and Operating System Installation (optional).

Gaming $149 build charge

Includes all the components from the basic cost, and additionally - any water cooling installation or other forms of cooling parts, Graphics Cards, LED lights, Gaming Case*, Modular Power Supplies, and more.


* All parts to be supplied by customer(s)
* Custom Built PC cost covers the quality of build at the time of the build
* Some Computer Cases are more complex than others, therefore requires the Gaming $149 build charge


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