Seagate 4TB IronWolf 3.5" SATA NAS Hard Drive

Seagate 4TB IronWolf 3.5" SATA NAS Hard Drive

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Seagate IronWolf 4TB NAS 3.5 HDD ST4000VN008-NQR,5900 RPM, RV Sensors, 3 Year Warranty.

For everything NAS, there's IronWolf. Always on and always working, IronWolf is enhanced with AgileArray technology for optimal reliability and system agility. Multi-user technology and extreme workload rates allow IronWolf to perform and scale up with your enterprise.

    Optimized for NAS with AgileArray. AgileArray is built for dual-plane balancing and RAID optimization in multi-bay environments with the most advanced power management possible.
    High performance means no lag times or downtime for users during high traffic time for the NAS
    Designed for always on, always accessible 24×7 performance.
    1M hours MTBF, 3-year limited warranty
    Capacity 4TB
    Rotation Speed 5900
    SATA 6GB/s
    Cache 64MB
    Warranty 3 Years

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